Welcome to the bayou...

So you're probably wondering... what the heck is a "tahyo" (tay-your) ?  In the desire to keep it "Southern" yet also in the realm of what we do, we found the perfect word to name our restaurant (and bar).  The "tahyo" is a Cajun term for a big, hungry dog. And what better word than to describe the purpose of what this is all about. With our dog rescue being a non-profit organization, bringing in enough donations is a daily battle.  Oh sure, we now have a reality TV show through Animal Planet (Pit Bulls & Parolees), but money from that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of what it takes to run our facilities. 

So we had to think outside the box and depend on some creative ideas to bring in more money and hopefully someday to be able to stand on our own two (and four) feet.  Luckily our founder Tia Torres, "pre-dog rescue", had 8 years plus under her belt of working in the bar and restaurant field.  So literally falling back into "the business" was like getting back up on the horse!  Yeah...this ain't our first rodeo!

 Moving here on January 1, 2012, our dog rescue landed in New Orleans as the largest Pit Bull rescue in the country.  But we soon realized that the area needed help with all dogs and we unofficially became the " dog pound of the 9th ward" and we began rescuing all types of dogs.  With little to no resources in the state of Louisiana, we had to think quick.  After expenses are paid, all of the proceeds from this restaurant will go directly back to the rescue to help with the operating costs for running the organization (

We hope that your visit with us not only proves to be enjoyable but also gives you the "feel good" experience as well. The restaurant/bar is owned and operated by the family and extended family of Villalobos Rescue Center and the cast of Animal Planet's "Pit Bulls & Parolees".  Each day/night it will be one or more of us that you will see serving, bartending and/or working the place.  Everything we do is for our dogs.

The restaurant (with a small bar) is family friendly so all ages are welcome.  We even have a fun children's menu and also welcome our four legged friends (as long as they are dog friendly and social. Remember the French Quarter is a busy place so make sure you dog can handle the chaos). We have indoor/outdoor seating and the atmosphere is fun and laidback.

We so appreciate all the support and now.......... EAT & DRINK UP SO YOU CAN FEED SOME TAHYOS!!!